3 Oral Sex Positions That Will Leave You Feeling Like A Gymnast

Top 5 Female Athletes Who’d Be Great in Bed. (We Assume)

There are plenty of hot female athletes, and no, Danica Patrick is not one of them. That’s not the point here, though. We’re talking about sex and the female athlete. These women not only are gorgeous and sexy, they also do things in the athletic arena that make us drift off to a happy place.

5. Lokelani McMichael

If you can get past the fact that Lokelani McMichael can probably kick your ass, you’ll see the possibilities. Hell, if you’re into that sort of thing, then she’s right up your ally. McMichael, who’s Hawaiian, is a triathlete and surfer who completed her first Ironman when she was 18. Stamina and endurance, my friends.

4. Kristi Leskinen

Kristi Leskinen is a freestyle skier, which means she takes the jumps on the mountain you’re afraid to and then does all kinds of twists, turns and flips in the air. In other words, she’s badass. She’s also, well…look at her. You know snow bunnies like to have a good time.

3. Tanith Belbin

You know what they say about people with rhythm – it means they’re probably good in bed. Tanith Belbin is an ice dancer with five medals on the world stage (one Olympic and four at the World Figure Skating Championships), so she’s obviously got the moves to make her bed-worthy.

2. Maria Sharapova

There’s something awesome about female tennis players. It’s probably because, unlike a lot of other female athletes, tennis players can combine athleticism with beauty and sex appeal. Russian-born Maria Sharapova does it better than the rest. What’s even better is she has really low standards – she’s engaged to former Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Sasha Vujacic. One look at that dirtball and you know she’s filthy in the bedroom.

1. Nastia Liukin

Kramer said it best when he encouraged Jerry to have sex with a gymnast because they’re “flexible.” Case closed. The only debate is whether your gymnast of choice is Nastia Liukin, Alicia Sacramone or Shawn Johnson. Liukin gets the nod because she looks the best in high heels and a cocktail dress.

9 Sex Positions You Should Only Attempt If You’re Insanely Flexible

Having a super-flexible body comes with endless benefits. For starters, you can leave everyone in awe during yoga or pilates without breaking a sweat. But being able to wrap your feet behind your neck is also a handy trick in more, shall we say, X-rated realms. Flexibility opens up a whole wide world of sexual experimentation that less limber people can only dream of, or try at the risk of pulling various muscles. Here, nine positions to add to your roster when you’re insanely flexible. (As long as your body can actually handle them, because a sex-induced sprain isn’t fun no matter how great of a story it makes.)

Modified lotus.

The lotus sex position is all about closeness. The point is for you and your partner to become tangled up in each other while also benefitting from intense eye contact, which is why it’s a staple in movie sex scenes. Have your partner sit down with crossed legs, then sit on top them. While you’d usually wrap your arms around each other, the flexibility modification comes into play when you throw one or both of your legs over your partner’s shoulder. Hello, way deeper penetration! Nice of you to join the party.

Modified standing doggy style.

People with Gumby-like limbs can try out all sorts of standing sex that those with more resistant joints can’t quite manage. For this position, have your partner stand behind you, then bend forward in front of them, planting your hands firmly on the ground. You can keep your legs far apart or bring them closer together—it’s worth switching it up to see how that changes the sensation.

Standing doggy style with a split.

Start off in modified standing doggy style, then lift one of your legs in the air like the sex gymnast you are. Your partner can hold it while thrusting, or if your heights work for this, you can rest your foot on their shoulder. Even better if you don’t warn them you’re about to lift it, then look over your shoulder and see their eyes pop out in holy-hell-she’s-an-actual-sex-goddess amazement.

Missionary with a split.

Give this old favorite a very bendy twist. Lie on your back with your legs open and knees bent, and with a few pillows under your butt for support. Have your partner kneel in between your legs, and as you start having sex, lift one of them so it’s resting on their shoulder. As you continue, ask them to slowly lean forward until your leg is sandwiched in between your chests. The feeling of incredible sex combined with a good hamstring stretch is pretty much unparalleled.

Missionary with both legs up.

It’s the same as the previous position, except you’re throwing both legs over their shoulders before they lean down. Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the ahhh as you give your muscles a quality stretch.

Girl on top with a split.

This is the upright version of missionary with a split, and depending on how you set yourselves up, it can do your body good in more ways than one. If you only extend your back leg, you can bend your front knee so you’re almost in a lunge position. All those up and down movements then do the double-duty of blowing your mind and boosting your workout.

Reverse cowgirl with a side split.

Take this sex-position staple up a notch. Have your partner lie down, then sit on top of them with one leg on either side of their body. Instead of just bouncing up and down at that stage, go a step further by leaning forward and extending your legs so you’re in a side split. You two can grind against each other, or your partner can take the reins and thrust up into you—perfect if you’re a fan of G-spot stimulation.

Reclining spider.

Sit across from your partner and arrange your legs so that you both have one stretched and one bent. The magic happens when you each have a bent leg in the perfect place to create some very good friction. Thanks to your accommodating hip flexors and the ability to arch your back without throwing it out, you can move back and forth against your partner for however long you like.

The bridge.

Lie down on your back with bent knees and elbows, with your arms up by your ears. Using both your legs and arms for strength, push your body up until your arms are straight. All you have to do after that is spread your legs a little to give your partner enough space to get in there—just start out gently so their movements don’t send you toppling over.

What does it feels like to have sex with an athletic woman?

The General Effects of Being Athletic

Are you tired of your doctor telling you to be more physically active? Taking a 30-minute walk every day does wonders, they say. We know how you feel, but your doctor knows what they’re talking about. Being athletic has many benefits, and one of them is keeping you healthy overall.


Working out, or just being physically active, helps you keep a healthy body, but your mental health can reap the benefits, too. Athletic women know that the benefits of being fit go beyond appearance.


However, another thing you may find interesting is that being athletic improves your sexual performance. In fact, it can do wonders for any woman. With that in mind, it’s natural to want to have sex with athletic women. Don’t you wonder what it feels like? In case you haven’t had the privilege to sleep with a fit woman before, we’ll tell you all about what it’s like.


Maybe you’ve already found a fit, babe, and you wonder what you’re in for. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered either way. Buckle up, and let’s talk about all the benefits of having sex with an athletic woman.

Athletic Women Have More Stamina

You’ll want sex to last a long time if you have a high sex drive. Unfortunately, none of that is possible without stamina. As a man, you know you’ll probably do all the work. You’re ready for it, and you have enough stamina to take you through as many rounds as you can handle. However, what if your partner can’t hold on for that long? This can be a problem.


You may think women often don’t have to do anything, so they don’t need much stamina to lay on their back for the missionary positions. But they need stamina once you start switching positions. An average woman won’t last long, but what about an athlete? The rigorous training gives them a lot more stamina, so they can last as long as you need them to. Don’t be surprised if your athletic babe outlasts you, too.

They Don’t Cum Easily

But don’t worry about having excess stamina because you’ll spend it all trying to please your athletic woman. It’s not that they’re hard to please, but they can take a long time to cum. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 


When it comes to athletes and sex, it’s true that they have a lot of stamina. And it’s this stamina that allows them to prolong orgasms. Think about it this way — what do you do with excess stamina when you orgasm quickly? Having a second round shortly after can sometimes be unpleasant. Many athletic women have learned this the hard way and know how to control themselves to receive the most pleasure.


This is a great thing for both partners because you may not have multiple rounds of sex, but the one you do have will be worth it.

Higher Sex Drive

But nobody says the second round of sex is completely off the table, especially after a little break. Fit women have a high sex drive because they lead a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but they’re used to being very active daily. That means you can expect a lot more from them than you would from an average woman.


Athletic women aim to please their partners and will go above and beyond to do so. That’s no wonder, especially knowing how long they can last. Knowing you’re getting in bed with such a woman can be intimidating, but don’t worry. These women will work hard to please both you and themselves.


In fact, they will show you what it really means when a person has a high sex drive. Don’t stress about whether you’ll be able to keep up with her or not. Just enjoy the experience and ensure you last as long as possible.

Less Exhaustion in Sex

Doesn’t sex feel like a workout at times? You’re being really active, sweating, and breathing heavily. Not only that, but you’re exhausted after the fact. It’s not uncommon for many people to take short breaks to catch their breaths when having sex. This can be a mood killer at times, but it’s not something you should worry about when having sex with an athletic woman.


Athletic women are active and work out almost every day. No matter the kind of exercises they prefer, working out builds stamina that we won’t stop talking about. But stamina is essential if you want to have a lasting sexual experience. Exhaustion in sex isn’t something athletic women are familiar with. They consider sex a form of cardio but don’t expect your lady to skip gym just because you’ve had a few rounds of fun.

Athletic Women Can Sometimes Dominate

If you’re tired of being in charge all the time, you’re in luck. Why? Because fit women know how to be dominant. This is all because a lot of men can’t keep up with them, so they have to learn to dominate to get what they want. We’re not saying this will happen to you, but it’s not bad if it does. 


Your athletic woman being dominant doesn’t mean you don’t know how to please her. Maybe she just likes being in charge for a change. Athletic women are usually very organized and have put-together lives that they’re in complete control of. With that in mind, it’s normal to assume she’d want to be in charge of her sex life, too.


If female domination sounds too intimidating, ask your woman how you can please her so she wouldn’t feel the need to manhandle you to get what she wants.

Athletic Women Perform Better in Bed

With all of that in mind, it’s safe to assume that fit women are simply better in bed. Plus, their bodies can twist and turn in all kinds of directions. That means your athletic woman can handle more extreme positions and experiments. If you’re an adventurous man, you’ll know how to appreciate this.


Fit women know their bodies are in shape, and they’ll want to use them. That means they’re naturally more adventurous and prone to pushing themselves to the limits. This is similar to women pushing themselves in the gym. Stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries is the only way to see results. Athletic women know this, and that’s why they’ll try to push their sexual boundaries as well.


However, keep in mind that not all women want to try everything. That’s why you should always respect if your fit partner doesn’t want to try something, even though their body can handle it.

Tips From a Pilates Teacher: Simple Stretches That Will Boost Your Sex Life

It’s not uncommon for people to come home and feel like they need to stretch out after a hard day at work. Moreover, we feel like it after an exhausting exercise or even in the morning when we wake up after sleeping in an uncomfortable position. But what about warming up before we engage in sex? Well, at least most don’t think about it.


Before sex, lots of people are so fired up and horny that they can’t think about how hard the whole act is going to be on their bodies. But the thing is, no matter what kind of intercourse we’re getting into, it’s going to affect all sorts of muscles. Hence, it’s pretty common to experience cramps while making love and after. Our article aims to introduce you to some great exercise techniques you can use before sex.

What Is Pilates?

Before we get into these exercises, it’s essential to explain what type of workout we’re on about. Namely, pilates is a type of low-key physical exercise that intends to better your muscles while adding to your posture. Its main goal is to target your core strength, but it will also positively affect other areas, like hip flexors.


What makes Pilates exercises so great is the fact that you can choose to do them with or without any additional equipment. It’s all about slow movement and controlling your breathing. Some would go so far and say that pilates classes and exercises can help your overall life. That is, of course, aside from strengthening your muscles and joints.


We’d have to agree with that idea. Lots of men and women are into it as much as they love the gym and yoga. The benefits of pilates are many, but the most important one is its effect on your sex life. Yup — it can and will help you have better intercourse with your partner if you practice it.

Standing Toe Touch

Since we’re clear about what Pilates is, it’s time to check the first exercise you can use to up your sex game. This is a fairly simple form of workout, but don’t let that fool you. The standing toe touch is pretty efficient. It’s so good that you’ll see professional athletes do it while warming up for more serious stuff.


That said, the first thing you’ll need to do is to reach your arms upwards. While doing so, lift your shoulders properly and try to separate your ribs. Start slowly, and don’t worry if you’re unable to do it like pros on YouTube. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.


Next up, start to gradually roll your body forward. You’ll want to reach your toes by the time you get used to standing toe touch. The whole point of this exercise is to work out your hamstrings and release the lower back. Once you do touch your toes, shake your head left-right and down-up. In the end, revert to your starting position.

Knee Drops

Like the previous exercise, this one’s pretty simple too. It will help you relax both your mind and body for sex afterward. So, let’s get into it. The first step is to find a comfortable surface like a mattress or something similar. Once you do, lay down on it with your face facing the ceiling of the room.


While laying on your back, lift your knees and try to make them as flat as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The workout routine will work regardless. After that, swing both of your knees to the right and try to touch the surface with the side of your thigh. When you reach the farthest position, move your knees back to the center.


The second part is to do the same thing only to the left. Exercise your knee drops slowly and without any pressure. This workout will help relax your lower back, preparing you for sex with your partner. Try doing it with your eyes close, as this will help unwind your thoughts.


It’s no secret that even the most vanilla sex positions like missionary can be hard on both men and women. Sure, men do all the plowing while the girl lies on her back and with her legs spread. However, her thighs and back can soon begin to hurt if you’re not in proper physical condition. This is why we’re including the following exercise.

Similar to knee drops, the butterfly starts while you’re laying on your back. Of course, on a comfortable surface. But this time, your knees aren’t going right and left together. The point is to spread your thighs and make your legs separate as far as they can. All this while your soles are touching, forming a unique shape.


This Pilates method will help improve the muscle group on your inner legs. You can add to this by putting your hands behind your head, just like when you’re sleeping. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable with so much stretching, leave them aside. It’s easy to understand how useful this will be when you have sex with your partner the next time.

Side Split

Our fourth and last pilates move for today is somewhat of a combination of all the previous we’ve mentioned. Some also call it the “T position,” and you’ll quickly understand why. 


This method will affect the most muscles in your body. The first step is to lay down and stretch your arms on both sides. Afterward, lift your legs while they’re up against each other and try to keep them like that. If you do this correctly, your body will form the shape of the letter “T.”


Once you have done that, spread both your legs in the air. Try doing this for as many turns as you can, and you’ll flex your back, calves, feet, and ankles. This is a crown of your first four exercises, if you get what we mean. This range of motions will help you get into shape for more experimental sex positions and strengthen your core like nothing else.

Importance of Cleaning Your Sex Toys Before Use

A healthy sex toy for a body of the same and pleasures that never stop! Maintaining your sex toys is not only an essential health priority, but it also ensures your favorite vibrators a longer life and ecstasies that follow. You should know how to clean your sex toys.

How to clean sex toys

Couples or alone, these delicious accessories will spice up your sexuality and make you taste new joys, always respecting your privacy. If it is important for this to choose his fellow vibrating depending on the particular materials used, once the toy of your dreams in your possession, it will be up to you to pamper and maintain it so that it always remains faithful friend of your ecstatic pleasures. Here is to help you a small step of the few important steps when you use and clean your sex toy.

  1. The specificities of your naughty accessory

Once you have received your precious toy ordered earlier and before you rush on it to test all possibilities, start with a first small toilet.

And for that, take the time to read the instructions! You may discover specificities to take into account: thus, all naughty accessories are not lucky to be waterproof, which will require special care at the time of cleaning so as not to flood a possible engine.

  1. Adapt to the use of his sex-toy

Geisha Balls Luna Beads Black is for a couple or alone, when you use accessories in your naughty games, just trusts your body. If, for example, you feel that after a while, your Geisha Balls are beginning to clutter you, do not wait and remove them without waiting to offer a break to your intimacy before plunging into the pleasures again. a little later!

If you decide to taste both vaginal and anal delights, do not use the same accessory for both explorations or use a condom for each. Remember, however, that the pleasures of the lower back should be explored with a suitable accessory with an enlarged base that prevents accidents caused by the suction effect of this particular area.

In the case of a use in female duo, prefer the use each of your own sex toys. If you cannot or do not want, it is imperative to put a condom on the accessory.During pregnancy, you can continue to use a vibrator unless your personal circumstances do not allow it or your doctor advises against it.

Regarding the use of lubricants, remember that if your toy is silicone, you must absolutely ban any silicone lubricant!

  1. The cleaning itself

Whatever the materials used, whether your sex toy is soft silicone, plastic or gold, these few recommendations may apply to all.Spray cleaner to keep his vibrators clean, put on a soft, lint- free cloth and a sex toy cleaning spray that eliminates bacteria and cleans your beautiful accessory.

If you do not have a spray, warm water and soap will also do the trick. Be careful, in case your vibrator is not waterproof, not to let water get into the engine areas.

Even if your vibrator seems to you to be the ideal size and fits perfectly between your salad cutlery and the cutting board, do not put it in a washing machine: He would breathe his last sigh.

  1. Drying

Once your accessory is freshly cleaned, let it dry in the open air but away from any radiator heat source as the materials are generally suitable for human heat only.

  1. Storage

Now that your sex toy is beautiful, bright, clean and dry, put it in its box or case so that it is protected and place it in a dry place at room temperature so that it keeps a long youth. Also make sure that the storage area is sufficiently insulated so that your potential children or a zealous guest wanting to help you set up the table do not make an embarrassing encounter.

  1. Long-lasting pleasure

Do not hesitate to clean your sex toy before each use, especially when it has remained a little long idle in its case you never know!.

If you follow these simple precautions, nothing should hinder your pleasure and you will keep your toys for a long time. When it comes to privacy, it is important not to skimp on hygiene precautions: an immaculate sex toy for unaltered pleasure!

Many are now connected sextoys, at the time of 2.0. You have finally jumped or are already a fervent collector of vibrators; you loved them and want them to last in time. Here are some steps for your vibrator to pass the technical control.

  1. Zoom on the silicone

It is a polymer material based on silicon (a mixture of rock and sand), its soft and soft appearance gives it properties close to that of the skin. There are several types of silicone, you will not find the same as that of your Tupperware in your SexToys, that of vibrators being made for hygienic use in contact with mucous membranes.

Important thing to remember: Silicone lubricant is not used with silicone sex toys, the lubricant would make the toy porous and damage it. Visit  Lovegasm for more details.

The 6 basic steps of maintaining silicone vibrators

1st steps:

Love your vibrators so put it in a pouch to protect it from dust and other fun from the bottom of the drawers. (Mothball will not help moths prefer your lingerie!

2nd step:

After each use clean it! You can use cleansing wipes or sprays that guarantee perfect cleanliness, but if you’re out of class, put your toy under warm, soapy water. (Do not scald it either!)

3rd step:

Dry your silicone vibrator, to prevent dust or other stick on it, with a clean towel without pills.

4th step:

Do not share your toy, bodily fluids can transmit germs or STDs so avoid lending it and if not use a condom

5th step:

Do not leave the batteries in if I do not use it regularly, the batteries can melt and damage the vibrator, so if you do not use it for a while remove the batteries!

6th step:

Avoid keeping it in damp places, mold can proliferate in case you have badly cleaned or dried.If you follow these simple tips your vibrators will still be long and you can use it as often as the desire is made because there is no harm in saying yes to his desires!

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Used Yoni Egg?

Do you want to know how to work with a yoni egg? And how to clean a gemstone egg? Read our yoni egg manual here!

Clean yoni stones

With yonieggs and yoni products it is important that you work with clean stones. That is why you clean the egg for your first session. Then you do that after each use. In addition to a physical bath you can also clean yoni stones energetically. In addition, there are two important rules for a clean Yoni Massage. So in our short hygiene manual you can read everything you need to know. While cleaning a yoni egg this is something that you will have to keep in mind.

Clean yoni egg

You clean a yoni egg with water every time you use it. You obviously do not want to bring in unwanted bacteria. Moreover, gemstone is a natural product and therefore not sterile. There are two easy ways to clean your yoni stone with water:

  • Running water
  • Keep the stone under cold or lukewarm water for about five minutes. Then dry it in the air.

Cooled boiled water

Put your yoni egg for 15 minutes in boiled water that has cooled down slightly. So you sterilize him. Never boil stones and minerals, because then they burst!

Clean and charge Yoni products

Besides a physical bath you can also clean yoni stones energetically . This can help to remove ‘invisible’ dirt such as emotions, tension or thoughts. Then you can recharge the stone so that it has a working power again. You can read more about this in our Basic tips for caring for Gemstones .

Hygienic rules for Yoni Massage

Do not use a yoni egg during menstruation, pregnancy or if you have medical problems around your vagina. In case of doubt, be informed by a doctor or other expert.

Use a new string with each session.

With yoni eggs is often no string. That is because you need a new string every time you use it. You then discard it for hygienic reasons. Make sure you have a piece of string or floss in the house to string through the egg. In the case of floss, use a variant without menthol. You can see why ??

Yoni egg manual

After cleaning and charging you are ready for your very first Yoni Massage ! There is a manual for some massage sets. If you have purchased a separate yoni egg, you will find instructions for use in four steps below:

  • warm up
  • stringing
  • insert
  • remove
  • clean

Warm up

Bring the egg to body temperature. You can do that by placing the stone in lukewarm water for a few minutes. Do not use boiling water with gems!

You can also keep the egg in your body so that it takes over your heat. This is actually the easiest method. Hold it, for example, while you are meditating. Or put it under your clothes against your skin while doing something else. This is actually the easiest and safest method. You can also see it as a relaxed beginning of your yoni ritual.


Thread the string or floss through the yoni egg. Always make sure that your rope is long enough so that you can grab it from the outside if you have the egg inside.

If the egg is vertically pierced , make a knot on the convex side.

If you have a yoni egg with a transverse penetration in the top, you string the rope through it. On both sides you let a long piece of rope come out. You can tie the two ends together if you like it.


Bringing in a yoni egg like all yoni massage with attention and love. And that means taking time! It is all but the intention that you force yourself. Do what you want to do, at your own pace. Actually, that is worth a research: what makes you relaxed? And if you get damp, where does that happen? So do not skip these steps. That way you learn a lot about your wishes and desires. If insertion is physically difficult for you, use a natural lubricant. That is kind to you and your beautiful gem.

Then experiment with slow introduction of the egg. For example, massage your labia first, place it at the entrance of your vagina or spin around it. You often read that a yoni takes the egg by itself. And let go again. I would say: try it out.


You can remove the egg standing , lying down or squatting . You do not only need the string, but also help from your pelvic floor muscles. So choose an attitude in which you can feel it well. Here too, again: try!

If you want to remove the egg, first use the string. Pull the rope lightly and experience what is happening. Big chance that your egg does not just come out! You need some pressure from your vaginal muscles. Or it is the other way around and you find it difficult to keep your egg inside. In that case you might want to try out a larger size . Also the removal is again a whole experience where you learn a lot about your pelvic floor ??


Clean your egg and throw away the string.A Yoni egg is a precious egg that can be inserted into the vagina. Then the Yoni egg will do her work there. They help to heal emotional tensions, traumas and blockages while they physically provide stronger muscles of the pelvic floor and make the vagina softer. The eggs are also a godsend after pregnancies.

Why Yoni?

Yoni has been the word for vagina, womb or holy temple in Sanskrit since time immemorial (Chakra is also a Sanskrit word). Furthermore, the word at the same time symbolizes the holy mother or goddess. Already by the first Taoists Yoni eggs from Jade were used to strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor. They see this area as the source for a healthy and happy life. Jade is known for its purifying and harmonious effect. In Taoism, the vagina is also referred to as the vagina. Beginners are still advised to start with a Jade Yoni egg. Also sexually wearing a gem egg can do a lot. A strong pelvic floor provides more pleasure and feeling during sexual exertions. A trained pelvic floor also helps prevent incontinence.


A Yoni egg is no bigger than a small chicken egg. They are also available in larger sizes but the practiced women tend to use the smaller variants.

Instructions for use Yoni egg;

Clean the Yoni egg with warm water before use. Do you use the egg for the first time? First boil it sterile in a pan (about 10 minutes)

Touwtje – Especially for beginners it is nice to choose an egg with a hole. Here a string can be pulled through so that it can easily be removed. After a number of times when the trust has grown, you can switch to eggs without a hole.

Is Latex Allergy Avoidable For Some People?

The accompanying explanations are intended to provide users with a general, informative understanding of proteins in latex, and additionally allergies associated with the use of gloves.

What is meant by an antigen and an allergen?

Antigens are every one of the substances that provoke an immune response when they enter the body. This should be possible as complex proteins or carbohydrates. As a result, the lymphocytes are stimulated to produce substances (eg antibodies) which react specifically with antigens.

Allergens are antigens that cause an allergic immune response that is typically transmitted by IgE antibodies. Allergic reactions happen when exposed to very concentrated foreign material over an extended period of time. Potential allergens have no influence on non-sensitized persons.

What are antibodies?                                                                                          

Antibodies are immunoglobulins (Ig). These are proteins produced by plasma cells and lymphocytes. There are 5 classes of antibodies, namely IgA, IgG, IgM, IgD, IgE. IgE affects every single allergic reaction.

How does an allergy begin?

Antigens enter the body, animating B and T cells, which then produce antibodies. The antibodies tie to the pole cells and cause a stepwise part of the pole cells. It releases histamines and other mediators. Manifestations include dilated vessels, decreased circulatory strain, faster heart rate, breathlessness, hives and possible unconsciousness. This is a type I reaction. However, there are additionally type II, III and IV reactions. You would need to know about different types of latex allergy as well.

What does this have to do with latex gloves?

There are many different types of common proteins in latex. Some of these proteins are known to sensitize certain users. The remaining proteins in gloves are suspected to induce Type VI reactions in sensitized users. The issue of sensitization has not been completely clarified, but rather there is a general consensus that an abnormal state of residual protein in the gloves causes sensitization. This incidence varies between people and furthermore from race to race, with the frequency or the wear, as a decisive factor, happening in all cases.

Which protein content is considered “safe”?

Studies by the Rubber Research Institute in Malaysia have demonstrated that 80% of the sensitized users did not demonstrate an allergic reaction to the content of water-soluble proteins below 100 µg/g of the glove material. This examination was conducted by a gathering of health care professionals. Further studies on this point are already in progress.

No, the powders on the gloves has nothing to do with the protein reactions that are described above. The powder is a modified maize starch that is bioabsorbable (converted to glucose when absorbed by the body) and isn’t previously known to cause the type of allergies ordinarily associated with the use of the gloves , However, there is evidence that the powder retains proteins of the host glove and subsequently carries a certain percentage of the remaining proteins of the host glove.

For what reason are reactions more unlikely in powder-free gloves?

The process of removing the powder is a post-processing process, that is, the removal happens only when the glove has been completely made. This is done by a process called chlorination. While the process of chlorination ostensibly serves to remove the powder, it likewise removes a considerable measure of the remaining protein at the same time.

Reducing the residual proteins is the reason why powder-free gloves rarely cause allergic reactions to proteins. Therefore, the powder can not be held responsible as a source of allergic reactions to proteins.

Some methods of removing the powder are just by replacing the powder with another covering, for example, polyurethane or acrylic amid the manufacture of the glove. While removing the powder from the gloves, no more proteins are removed here than with a pre-powdered glove. This can lead to misunderstandings among the end users.

What should be possible to reduce proteins in gloves?

The manufacturing process needs to be extended by one step to reduce proteins. This means the remaining proteins happen to be reduced by intensive washing before the glove is coated with the powder. We were able to reduce the protein content to less than 100 µg/g for pre-powdered gloves compared to the general 200-500 µg/g level in comparable items on the market.

Could the use of nitrile gloves eliminate allergic reactions?

Nitrile material does not contain proteins that are different from latex. Therefore, nobody who is allergic to latex proteins won’t have latex protein allergies when utilizing nitrile gloves. This is an alternative item.

However, wearers of nitrile gloves report allergic reactions that are not due to the proteins but rather are triggered by other antigens in the synthetic material.

What are the possible tests that can be used to determine the protein content?

There are several test methods for proteins and allergies:

Modified Lowry method

This is the only test approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (ASTM 5712-2000). It has a sensitivity to at least 50 µg/g. After that, it can never again be determined.

This is a colorimetric shading restricting test based on shading change as a result of different protein concentrations. This includes extraction of residual aqueous soluble proteins latex items, followed by the centrifugation and the addition of phosphotungstic acids (PTA) to remove the interfering water-soluble things. This protein content is quantified utilizing a standard protein. A spectrophotometric measurement is carried out at a wavelength in the range of 600 to 750 Hz (nm).

ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay)

A latex allergy is based on human IgE, which reacts to certain proteins in the latex. However, the ELISA test is based on the IgE of rabbit antibodies that react with all proteins. This test isn’t approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials and furthermore by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The test measures the antigenic protein level. An example is the currently available options is the LEAP test. Here, antibodies are used to tie the special antigenic proteins (rabbit antibodies). The antibodies bound to the proteins then react with an added chemical and a shading development happens, the intensity of which depends on the measure of the antigenic protein.

RAST (Radio Allergo Sorbent Test)

This is a test of the allergenic protein levels of gloves. The test is based on the reaction between the allergenic protein and the antibody (IgE). Unlike LEAP, the antibody here is composed of allergic substances of the human body. The weakness of this test is that the concentrated allergic plasma of the patient affects the outcome and along these lines the relevance of the test.

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6 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

Sex––we all love to have it, love to talk about it and love to learn about it (whether we admit it or not). Just when you think you qualify as a full-fledged sexpert, you’re taught something new from a best friend, a family member or your favorite magazine!

Are you ready to learn even more about the most spoken-about activity ever? Look no further! We’ve consulted the help of Laura-Anne Rowell, sex coach at Primitive Balance, to teach us six sex facts that would shock even the most educated collegiette.

1. Most women masturbate

If you masturbate on the regular or have thought about trying to masturbate once or twice, rest assured that you are not alone. Most mammals masturbate for sheer pleasure ––and yes, that includes women!

So, why do some women feel shameful it? According to Rowell, it has a lot to do with societal norms. “Culturally, women can be taught that ‘good girls’ don’t want sex and they should wait until they are in love,” she says. “There are lots of bad and mixed messages going on here.” Additionally, many women feel guilty about their sexual fantasies, using sex toys like butt plugs ––or even watching porn.

Rowell says that women can fight this embarrassment by communicating with their partner or besties about their fantasies in a space that is free of judgment. “As women, we should be proud of how wonderful our bodies and imaginations are,” she says. “It is so empowering to explore your body and mind. Have fun.” We could not agree more!

2. You can pee and orgasm at the same time

For some women, it is easy to confuse the sensation of an impending orgasm with that of the urge to pee. Why? Female anatomy seems to provide some answers to that question.

The clitoris and the vagina are very close to the bladder. During sex, that region feels a lot of pressure. According to Go Ask Alice, a program run by Columbia University, women who have urinary stress incontinence (or the unintentional loss of urine), can “leak” when they laugh, sneeze or ––you guessed it–– orgasm!

If you don’t have urinary stress incontinence and still feel the urge to pee, your body may be confusing signals from your clitoris with signals from your urethra. Kegel exercises and emptying the bladder before sex are the best ways to combat such feelings.

3. Vibrators were invented to reduce ‘hysteria’

When you hear the term “vibrator,” you almost immediately associate it with female enjoyment. However, this was the furthest thing from the minds of the doctors who invented the sex toy.

So, why was the toy invented? Believe it or not, doctors invented the contraption as a way to aide female “hysteria” ––basically a vague definition of sexual frustration (hello!), which was also believed not to exist in women until the early twentieth century.

4. A man doesn’t have to have erection to reach orgasm

Nope, we aren’t kidding! There are many reasons (both mental or physical) why men can’t get an erection sometimes. But, according to Rowell, a man does not need to be hard to orgasm.

When a man is erect, the blood vessels in the penis are engorged, Rowell notes. “This is called a ‘hard-on’ and it is not the reason a man comes,” she says. “A man can come from anal stimulation, mental stimulation and penile stimulation, all without the help of an actual hard-on.” It may take longer, but it still feels just as good.

Rowell has some advice for anyone who is having trouble in the bedroom. “If you are with a man who is having issues with performing, do not pressure or placate him,” she says. “Instead, start pleasing yourself and take the pressure off of him! He will get lost in your pleasure and this may help his performance. It’s sex… have fun and keep trying!”

5. Female orgasm might help induce pregnancy

Every collegiette loves a good theory, and this one could not be more interesting. The “up-suck” theory” is rooted in the belief that, during orgasm, the contractions in the uterus actually suck up semen that gets deposited in the vagina. Crazy, huh?

6. Shaving your pubic hair may increase your risk of contracting an STI

One of the most prominent methods of pubic hair removal among millennials is shaving with a razor. As many collegiettes have surely experienced, shaving the bikini area can cause cuts, skin lesions and, bumps and ingrown hairs ––all of which can leave your skin open and vulnerable to infection.

According to Rowell, this open skin makes you vulnerable. “If you have sex and your open skin comes in contact with someone who has an infection, it can make the infection easier to enter your body,” she says.

When it comes to waxing, the thought process is similar since your pores are open and you don’t have the protection of pubic hair. “In addition, if you go to a waxing salon that does not change the spatula or double dips, or if you notice [your waxer] is using the same container of wax for everyone, this can spread an infection,” Rowell says. “Some people believe that the heat from the wax will kill the infection, but this is untrue. Many bacteria actually thrive in such conditions.” Yuck!

Sex is a unique experience for everyone, and staying informed is the best way to learn what your body does (and doesn’t) like. Don’t believe everything you hear, stay safe, and ––most importantly–– have fun, collegiettes!