Importance of Cleaning Your Sex Toys Before Use

A healthy sex toy for a body of the same and pleasures that never stop! Maintaining your sex toys is not only an essential health priority, but it also ensures your favorite vibrators a longer life and ecstasies that follow. You should know how to clean your sex toys.

How to clean sex toys

Couples or alone, these delicious accessories will spice up your sexuality and make you taste new joys, always respecting your privacy. If it is important for this to choose his fellow vibrating depending on the particular materials used, once the toy of your dreams in your possession, it will be up to you to pamper and maintain it so that it always remains faithful friend of your ecstatic pleasures. Here is to help you a small step of the few important steps when you use and clean your sex toy.

  1. The specificities of your naughty accessory

Once you have received your precious toy ordered earlier and before you rush on it to test all possibilities, start with a first small toilet.

And for that, take the time to read the instructions! You may discover specificities to take into account: thus, all naughty accessories are not lucky to be waterproof, which will require special care at the time of cleaning so as not to flood a possible engine.

  1. Adapt to the use of his sex-toy

Geisha Balls Luna Beads Black is for a couple or alone, when you use accessories in your naughty games, just trusts your body. If, for example, you feel that after a while, your Geisha Balls are beginning to clutter you, do not wait and remove them without waiting to offer a break to your intimacy before plunging into the pleasures again. a little later!

If you decide to taste both vaginal and anal delights, do not use the same accessory for both explorations or use a condom for each. Remember, however, that the pleasures of the lower back should be explored with a suitable accessory with an enlarged base that prevents accidents caused by the suction effect of this particular area.

In the case of a use in female duo, prefer the use each of your own sex toys. If you cannot or do not want, it is imperative to put a condom on the accessory.During pregnancy, you can continue to use a vibrator unless your personal circumstances do not allow it or your doctor advises against it.

Regarding the use of lubricants, remember that if your toy is silicone, you must absolutely ban any silicone lubricant!

  1. The cleaning itself

Whatever the materials used, whether your sex toy is soft silicone, plastic or gold, these few recommendations may apply to all.Spray cleaner to keep his vibrators clean, put on a soft, lint- free cloth and a sex toy cleaning spray that eliminates bacteria and cleans your beautiful accessory.

If you do not have a spray, warm water and soap will also do the trick. Be careful, in case your vibrator is not waterproof, not to let water get into the engine areas.

Even if your vibrator seems to you to be the ideal size and fits perfectly between your salad cutlery and the cutting board, do not put it in a washing machine: He would breathe his last sigh.

  1. Drying

Once your accessory is freshly cleaned, let it dry in the open air but away from any radiator heat source as the materials are generally suitable for human heat only.

  1. Storage

Now that your sex toy is beautiful, bright, clean and dry, put it in its box or case so that it is protected and place it in a dry place at room temperature so that it keeps a long youth. Also make sure that the storage area is sufficiently insulated so that your potential children or a zealous guest wanting to help you set up the table do not make an embarrassing encounter.

  1. Long-lasting pleasure

Do not hesitate to clean your sex toy before each use, especially when it has remained a little long idle in its case you never know!.

If you follow these simple precautions, nothing should hinder your pleasure and you will keep your toys for a long time. When it comes to privacy, it is important not to skimp on hygiene precautions: an immaculate sex toy for unaltered pleasure!

Many are now connected sextoys, at the time of 2.0. You have finally jumped or are already a fervent collector of vibrators; you loved them and want them to last in time. Here are some steps for your vibrator to pass the technical control.

  1. Zoom on the silicone

It is a polymer material based on silicon (a mixture of rock and sand), its soft and soft appearance gives it properties close to that of the skin. There are several types of silicone, you will not find the same as that of your Tupperware in your SexToys, that of vibrators being made for hygienic use in contact with mucous membranes.

Important thing to remember: Silicone lubricant is not used with silicone sex toys, the lubricant would make the toy porous and damage it. Visit  Lovegasm for more details.

The 6 basic steps of maintaining silicone vibrators

1st steps:

Love your vibrators so put it in a pouch to protect it from dust and other fun from the bottom of the drawers. (Mothball will not help moths prefer your lingerie!

2nd step:

After each use clean it! You can use cleansing wipes or sprays that guarantee perfect cleanliness, but if you’re out of class, put your toy under warm, soapy water. (Do not scald it either!)

3rd step:

Dry your silicone vibrator, to prevent dust or other stick on it, with a clean towel without pills.

4th step:

Do not share your toy, bodily fluids can transmit germs or STDs so avoid lending it and if not use a condom

5th step:

Do not leave the batteries in if I do not use it regularly, the batteries can melt and damage the vibrator, so if you do not use it for a while remove the batteries!

6th step:

Avoid keeping it in damp places, mold can proliferate in case you have badly cleaned or dried.If you follow these simple tips your vibrators will still be long and you can use it as often as the desire is made because there is no harm in saying yes to his desires!

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