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7 Sex Positions That Don’t Require Your Woman To Be Flexible

Remember when you were in your 20s and you could get into almost any position for sex? When you looked more like a Circ du soleil performer than a sex partner? As we get older we lose that natural flexibility we had in our youth and it can hinder the sexual positions we can get into. Even some younger women do not have strong flexibility for any number of reasons, but we still want some variety in sex, right? There ARE positions that do not require a lot of flexibility and are very enjoyable. Here are the lucky 7 that made it to this article.


This is more like 4 positions in one because you can vary what you are bending OVER: couch, chair, bed, countertops. All this position really requires is for the woman to be able to bend slightly at the waist and allow her partner to enter her from the back. It can be done, well, anywhere you can bend over and it requires no flexibility at all.


If you want a pleasing position where you do not have to contort your body at all, then missionary is your mission! The woman just needs to lie flat and open her legs – that’s IT! The man does all the “work” and the woman can adjust her legs as much as she wishes or is able. A satisfying position without the leg cramps!


Spooning is not just an after-sex activity – it can be THE sex activity. Spooning sex is when the man is positioned behind the woman and enters her this way, with her pressed up and back against him. It may take some maneuvering to get him inside of you (try an almost side angle until he is inserted), but once he is in, a slow ride is sure to follow where the woman lies comfortably on her side.


Any position where a woman is sitting on top of her partner is low flexibility. The best one is probably sitting atop of him facing away (as on a couch or chair). All this requires is that she can spread her hips wide enough to get around him, then she simply sits down on top of his penis and she can move back and forth, or up and down, as much as she is able while using his legs for support.


The traditional doggy position only requires the woman to kneel on all fours (on bed or floor) and that is all. No flexibility required. In fact, if you want to make this even EASIER for her, pillows can be placed under her belly to help support her. Thighs can be together (for a tighter fit) or slightly spread. Either way, this is a stress free position for the woman.


An even easier position is when the woman lies flat on her stomach, legs spread, and her partner enters her from behind, essentially lying on her back. This can be a very stimulating position for both partners as the tightness of the entry combined with the friction of her clit rubbing against the bed can be extremely pleasing. For the man, the rear entry is usually much tighter than other entry options which is always a plus.


If you prefer a position where you can see your lover a very popular position is when the woman lies on her back and positions herself so her butt is at the edge of the bed and the man enters her. This position can also be varied depending on where her legs are positioned. Wrapped around his back, bent at the knees over the bed, held outward by him, or, if you are a little flexible, up against his chest. It is a position that can be used for anyone with great results.