What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Used Yoni Egg?

Do you want to know how to work with a yoni egg? And how to clean a gemstone egg? Read our yoni egg manual here!

Clean yoni stones

With yonieggs and yoni products it is important that you work with clean stones. That is why you clean the egg for your first session. Then you do that after each use. In addition to a physical bath you can also clean yoni stones energetically. In addition, there are two important rules for a clean Yoni Massage. So in our short hygiene manual you can read everything you need to know. While cleaning a yoni egg this is something that you will have to keep in mind.

Clean yoni egg

You clean a yoni egg with water every time you use it. You obviously do not want to bring in unwanted bacteria. Moreover, gemstone is a natural product and therefore not sterile. There are two easy ways to clean your yoni stone with water:

  • Running water
  • Keep the stone under cold or lukewarm water for about five minutes. Then dry it in the air.

Cooled boiled water

Put your yoni egg for 15 minutes in boiled water that has cooled down slightly. So you sterilize him. Never boil stones and minerals, because then they burst!

Clean and charge Yoni products

Besides a physical bath you can also clean yoni stones energetically . This can help to remove ‘invisible’ dirt such as emotions, tension or thoughts. Then you can recharge the stone so that it has a working power again. You can read more about this in our Basic tips for caring for Gemstones .

Hygienic rules for Yoni Massage

Do not use a yoni egg during menstruation, pregnancy or if you have medical problems around your vagina. In case of doubt, be informed by a doctor or other expert.

Use a new string with each session.

With yoni eggs is often no string. That is because you need a new string every time you use it. You then discard it for hygienic reasons. Make sure you have a piece of string or floss in the house to string through the egg. In the case of floss, use a variant without menthol. You can see why ??

Yoni egg manual

After cleaning and charging you are ready for your very first Yoni Massage ! There is a manual for some massage sets. If you have purchased a separate yoni egg, you will find instructions for use in four steps below:

  • warm up
  • stringing
  • insert
  • remove
  • clean

Warm up

Bring the egg to body temperature. You can do that by placing the stone in lukewarm water for a few minutes. Do not use boiling water with gems!

You can also keep the egg in your body so that it takes over your heat. This is actually the easiest method. Hold it, for example, while you are meditating. Or put it under your clothes against your skin while doing something else. This is actually the easiest and safest method. You can also see it as a relaxed beginning of your yoni ritual.


Thread the string or floss through the yoni egg. Always make sure that your rope is long enough so that you can grab it from the outside if you have the egg inside.

If the egg is vertically pierced , make a knot on the convex side.

If you have a yoni egg with a transverse penetration in the top, you string the rope through it. On both sides you let a long piece of rope come out. You can tie the two ends together if you like it.


Bringing in a yoni egg like all yoni massage with attention and love. And that means taking time! It is all but the intention that you force yourself. Do what you want to do, at your own pace. Actually, that is worth a research: what makes you relaxed? And if you get damp, where does that happen? So do not skip these steps. That way you learn a lot about your wishes and desires. If insertion is physically difficult for you, use a natural lubricant. That is kind to you and your beautiful gem.

Then experiment with slow introduction of the egg. For example, massage your labia first, place it at the entrance of your vagina or spin around it. You often read that a yoni takes the egg by itself. And let go again. I would say: try it out.


You can remove the egg standing , lying down or squatting . You do not only need the string, but also help from your pelvic floor muscles. So choose an attitude in which you can feel it well. Here too, again: try!

If you want to remove the egg, first use the string. Pull the rope lightly and experience what is happening. Big chance that your egg does not just come out! You need some pressure from your vaginal muscles. Or it is the other way around and you find it difficult to keep your egg inside. In that case you might want to try out a larger size . Also the removal is again a whole experience where you learn a lot about your pelvic floor ??


Clean your egg and throw away the string.A Yoni egg is a precious egg that can be inserted into the vagina. Then the Yoni egg will do her work there. They help to heal emotional tensions, traumas and blockages while they physically provide stronger muscles of the pelvic floor and make the vagina softer. The eggs are also a godsend after pregnancies.

Why Yoni?

Yoni has been the word for vagina, womb or holy temple in Sanskrit since time immemorial (Chakra is also a Sanskrit word). Furthermore, the word at the same time symbolizes the holy mother or goddess. Already by the first Taoists Yoni eggs from Jade were used to strengthen the muscles around the pelvic floor. They see this area as the source for a healthy and happy life. Jade is known for its purifying and harmonious effect. In Taoism, the vagina is also referred to as the vagina. Beginners are still advised to start with a Jade Yoni egg. Also sexually wearing a gem egg can do a lot. A strong pelvic floor provides more pleasure and feeling during sexual exertions. A trained pelvic floor also helps prevent incontinence.


A Yoni egg is no bigger than a small chicken egg. They are also available in larger sizes but the practiced women tend to use the smaller variants.

Instructions for use Yoni egg;

Clean the Yoni egg with warm water before use. Do you use the egg for the first time? First boil it sterile in a pan (about 10 minutes)

Touwtje – Especially for beginners it is nice to choose an egg with a hole. Here a string can be pulled through so that it can easily be removed. After a number of times when the trust has grown, you can switch to eggs without a hole.

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